1. Our legs are dead but hearts are full. First 14er today. (at Mt. Bierstadt Summit)


  2. Playing a little Saturday catch up.


  3. Added a handful of new tracks.

    (Source: Spotify)


  4. Tabletop came in today, new desk! And it’s fits in the hatchback! #remotelife


  5. (Source: Spotify)


  6. Bloc Party will always be one of my favorite live acts. #lolla (Taken with Instagram)


  7. The Black Keys Thickfreaking Chicago. #lolla (Taken with Instagram)


  8. Thank you to family and friends old and new that made today wonderful. Looking forward to 24. (Taken with Instagram)


  9. New Logo:

    Geometric outline. Movement. Typography. Print-inspired. Web-clean.

    Open corner encourages communication, and openness while corner/outline pattern are made from my initials showing my fingerprints and attention to detail on every project I’m involved in. 

    Initiate rebranding. 


  10. Rebranding & Expanding

    I have recently created a new logo for myself which I will expand into business cards, print, and web presence into the near future. I have recently been pushing myself over the last few months to move into web design. I will be wrapping up my first commercial project in the next week and have a couple more lined up. I have also been working as a production designer over the last year & a half in the apparel/promotional product industry. I wanted a new logo that expressed my perspective and knowledge as a designer. I have pulled from my previous two logos, one of which has been used, on most of my photos as a watermark. I am excited to continue in this new direction.