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  2. Bloc Party will always be one of my favorite live acts. #lolla (Taken with Instagram)


  3. The Black Keys Thickfreaking Chicago. #lolla (Taken with Instagram)


  4. Thank you to family and friends old and new that made today wonderful. Looking forward to 24. (Taken with Instagram)


  5. New Logo:

    Geometric outline. Movement. Typography. Print-inspired. Web-clean.

    Open corner encourages communication, and openness while corner/outline pattern are made from my initials showing my fingerprints and attention to detail on every project I’m involved in. 

    Initiate rebranding. 


  6. Rebranding & Expanding

    I have recently created a new logo for myself which I will expand into business cards, print, and web presence into the near future. I have recently been pushing myself over the last few months to move into web design. I will be wrapping up my first commercial project in the next week and have a couple more lined up. I have also been working as a production designer over the last year & a half in the apparel/promotional product industry. I wanted a new logo that expressed my perspective and knowledge as a designer. I have pulled from my previous two logos, one of which has been used, on most of my photos as a watermark. I am excited to continue in this new direction. 


  7. And straight on till morning. (Taken with instagram)


  8. Great night. (Taken with instagram)


  9. Halftones and stuff (Taken with instagram)


  10. Lights! Horns! Beirut!!! (Taken with instagram)